Stardock is happy to announce a new opt-in for Ashes of the Singularity: Escalation v1.93 today. This new version of the game is mainly focused on improving the game's benchmark - it does not affect single/multiplayer gameplay (outside of the General section below).

This opt-in is not yet fully complete, but please let us know what you think, if you hit any new weird issues, suggestions, etc. in regards to the GPU benchmark.

Change Log

  • General
    • Reduced unit sizes:

      • Fury

      • Archer

      • Medic

      • Avenger

      • Drone Hive

      • Martyr

      • Mauler

      • Reaper

      • Engineer (Substrate)

  • Units & Structures

    • Modders: All units (and most structures) in the benchmark now use their own unit/building definitions (all append _bench). This prevents benchmark changes from affecting the playable game (still a bit more to do here w/buildings). Note that unless otherwise specified, all following changes refer to the GPU benchmark version only.

    • All units (and most structures) have had their rigidbodytemplate shape, dimensions and bounding areas updated. This properly sets up collision markers and boundaries to prevent clipping. You will see some units slide over/under others - this is somewhat expected for T1s slipping under T3s, etc. 

    • Archer and Advanced Strategic Bomber weapon fx updated to make they look different for the benchmark (color differences mainly).

    • Some things (Hera units, PHC Nexus, etc.) fire more frequently for the benchmark visuals.

    • FlockerTemplates were adjusted for everything to call their respective benchmark versions instead.

    • Added benchmark formations to FormationTemplates in order to try and keep everything from clumping together so much.

    • Added benchmark versions to all UnitModules for the benchmark so as not to affect regular game.

    • A few steeringmodules were updated for weapons - this part is still very much a work-in-progress.

  • GPU Benchmark Script

    • Substantially updated the armies and unit groups used throughout the benchmark to better showcase diversity since the initial game. Generally speaking there are fewer units but higher batches overall with minimal hit to FPS.

    • Adjusted a couple of camera positions/angles in order to show off action. Previously these shots displayed empty (or near empty) space.

    • Fixed Substrate player from using PHC buildings for assets. The Substrate player now properly uses Substrate buildings.

    • Swapped out some basic defensive structures for higher level versions (i.e., Smarties for Barrager turrets and the like).

  • Engine

    • Added support for up to 32 logical cores.

  • Known Issues
    • CPU benchmark hasn't been touched yet for this first opt-in.

To Opt-In:

  1. Select Ashes of the Singularity: Escalation in your Steam Library
  2. Click the Gear icon in the upper-right and select Properties
  3. Click the BETAS tab
  4. Select opt-in from the drop-down menu and click OK
  5. Steam will update you to the latest files

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